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Porterfield Exotics Farm
 We are a small family owned and operated farm and dog breeding kennel business.  We are located in the Town of Porterfield, WI which is about an hours drive North of Green Bay, WI.  Our 104 acre farm is nestled at the end of a dead end road amongst the beautiful woodlands of Marinette County in Northeast Wisconsin.  Our family has been breeding, raising buying and selling various animals at this location for over 40 years.  We currently breed and sell Scottish Highland Cattle, Bourbon Red Turkeys, and Bully type dogs.  We have specialized in Bully Breeds and Bully Hybrids since 1996.  We are breeders of Boxers, American Bulldogs, Bulloxers, Great Danes, Catahoula Bullies & other Bulldog Hybrids.  We also have a few other animals on the farm such as horses, a pot belly pig, cats, chickens, guinea fowl and more.  We are not currently stocking any pet shop or exotic type animals.  We do have a network of breeder and exotic animal dealer friends and we often can either acquire the animals or refer customers.    We welcome customer visits to our farm by appointment only for possible sales.  We are not licensed or insured as a petting zoo so please don't just drop in or ask to come just to see the animals.  We are proud of our animals and our farm, we are always willing to spend time with our customers but we are also busy people.  Properly maintaining a farm and animals takes a lot of time and effort and we just can not afford to waste our time and effort giving farm tours to those that are not coming with intent to purchase.   
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