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Scottish Highland Cow
Scottish Highland Cattle

Bourbon Red Turkey

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Farm Animals
We have a variety of farm type animals on our farm, but we do not raise the typical run of the mill production livestock.  We seek out and raise the more rare heritage breeds and raise our livestock the old fashion way.  We do not sell very many farm animals these days but do occasionally have a few animals for sale.  Even our farm cats are unique in the fact that we bought out a cattery that raised Bengal cats and Pixie Bob cats.  We released these cats on our farm to crossbreed with our farm cats and every year we round up the male kittens and any extra female kittens to be altered and placed into pet homes.  Every few years we introduce a new Tom cat to prevent the inbreeding issues that many farms face.
This page was last updated on -  05/15/2012

Becky on Cupid

Bengal X Pixie Bob Kitten
Farm Cats