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Don't Be Dupped

This page contains external links to some websites that expose organizations that disguise their anti pet, farm & hunting agendas to raise big bucks by dupping kind hearted people.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We've all seen the ads on TV with the celebrities and the poor abused, neglected and mistreated animals and if this does not pull at your heart strings you may not be human.  Wait just a minute before you write that check, research just who you are writing it to and know what they really stand for and do with your money.  Many of you will be surprised at how you have been dupped once you do the research.

   Don’t abandon your local Humane Society, Rescues or shelters in your community – they’re still doing a commendable work.  If you have been supporting an organization like HSUS or PETA please follow these links and be informed of where your money is going.  Your local shelters and rescues will do a for better job of helping animals in need with your contributions.

Humane Watch

Another classy act by PETA
What a Bunch Of Losers

Peta's Dirty Little Secret