Purebred By Definition

An animal that is of pure breed, i.e. whose ancestors on both sides have been members of a recognized breed.

Of or pertaining to an animal resulting from a cross of the same breed of unmixed lineage over many generations. 

A purebred of domesticated animal can be achieved through the process of selective breeding.




The offspring resulting from the cross between parents of different species or sub-species or pertaining to the offspring produced from crossbreeding.


The act or process of producing offspring by mating purebred individuals of different breeds, varieties or species.
Crossbreeding is usually done with the intent of producing offspring that share the traits of both parent lineages, especially if the traits are beneficial. However, an irresponsible crossbreeding can also produce animals of inferior quality or weaken purebred gene pool.

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The definition of a purebred varies from one source to another as do opinions.  There is often much debate among dog breeders as to at what point a particular breed of dog can be called a purebred.  This is especially true among the show dog type breeders their registries who for centuries have turned their noses up at the very mention of a hybrid or a new breed. 
Among those breeders that work with the development of new breeds the development of a new breed is usually a life long endeavor and often passed from one generation to the next.  There are registries that have been formed primarily for the development of new breeds.  First one must decide just what characteristics they wish to breed for and establish a breed standard.  Then they must achieve those characteristics and continue breeding for them until most all of the offspring produced display those characteristics.

Still most breeds will take many more years and generations of breeding before many registries will except them as a new breed. 

Line breeding

Line breeding is a form of inbreeding in which related animals of a species, sub-species or breed are carefully and selectively inter-bred.  This is done both to breed in or out specific desirable or undesirable traits.  All pure breeds are developed, established and maintained through this method.  There is a fine line a breeder must work with when line breeding for as well as breeding in desired traits one can also breed in undesirable traits.  Most trait will only show in a percentage of offspring but the offspring not showing the  traits can be carriers of the genetics for those traits.       

Inbreeding is a form of breeding in which closely related animals of a species, sub-species or breed are inter-bred.  Inbreeding is generally used as a derogatory term in reference to the excessive use of line breeding.  While a little bit of inbreeding can be used to improve breed health too much can be seriously detrimental. 

Out-crossing is a form of breeding in which animals of a species, sub-species or breed are inter-bred with with a mate that shares no closely related common lineage.  Out-crossing usually is defined by most breeders as having no common relatives in a 5 - 7 generation pedigree.  Out crossing is commonly used in the establishment of new breeds to increase the gene pool. 
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