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This page was last updated on 05/12/2012
Porterfield Bulldogge Breeding

The Bulldogs we call Porterfield Bulldogges are our own blend of various bully breeds.  This is currently a ground floor venture and these are the early litters of pups from this type of breeding that will be available to the public.  We are currently the only ones that are breeding this line of dogs at this time.  We have been working with locating, obtaining and breeding the dogs to be the foundation dogs of this project for some time and are now beginning to blend these bloodlines and traits in our efforts to develop our Porterfield Bulldogge line.  What we have done is breed a blend of our favorite bully hybrids, including our Catahoula Leopard Dog, English Bulldogs, Boxer and American Bulldog.  This breeding blends the traits from our best of these breeds and gives us a wider Bully Dog gene pool to work with in our future breeding.  This also gives us more breeding options with future litters as we tweak and purify our breeding toward developing our desired new and better Bully breed.  We have and are still seeking multiple dogs of similar breeding so as to blend multiple bloodlines from each breed.  We will keep only the best pups of the best of our breeders that meet our desired standards for future breeding and the rest we will place into pet homes.  None of these pups will be sold for breeding purposes at this time and must be altered at the appropriate age until we are satisfied that this breeding project is a success.  One of these pups would be a perfect fit for the person that wants to have an impressive looking Bully dog that is different from everyone else's Bully.
We Currently have Porterfield Bulldogge Puppies available.