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This page last edited on 12/18/2012
Porterfield Bulldogges

The Porterfield Bulldogge is a new venture for us, they are our own blend of the best of the Bully Breeds we work with.  We have bred purebred and hybrid dogs for many years.  We have decided to take what we like best from the breeds we work with and blend them together to create a whole new bully of our very own.  We don't know yet just exactly where this venture will lead as we are in the very early stages of this breeding.  The dogs we are working with on this project represent the best of our years of breeding and searching for better bullies.  We are confident we will produce some awesome looking colorful and more intelligent than average loyal companion Bullies.  These Bullies will be stong ideal bullies for working, they  show endurance and ability to learn quickly.  We currently use our dogs as farm guard dogs and will soon be working with these bullies to pull carts and accompany and protect their masters while walking and jogging.  They have the appearance of strength and a natural ability to be protective yet seem to be able to instinctively distinguish friend from foe.   
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