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What's A Bulloxer

   The Bulloxer is created by the crossing of the American Bulldog with the Boxer.  A Bulloxer is a relatively new hybrid dog that is recognized by and may be registered with the ACHC and DDKC.  We at Northeast Wisconsin Bully Breeders have worked together with Sharon from DBI and other breeders to encourage these registries to work together when assigning names to the many new hybrids that are being bred.  We are pleased to report that they have been very cooperative and we have established with them some uniformity between the registries in the area of the Boxer X Bulldog type breeding.  We encourage other hybrid breeders and registries to do the same with their breeds.

Some might ask why cross dog breeds.  In fact all dog breeds were and are being developed by the crossing of two or more already existing breeds and then selecting the offspring that carry the desired traits for continued breeding until they breed true and all their offspring show those desired traits.  Cross breeding allows for several things, one is to add the desired features of two or more breeds into one dog.  With the Bulloxer our goal is to cross the playful affectionate personality of the Boxer with the bulkier more muscled body of the also playful and affectionate American Bulldog.  The American Bulldog and Boxer as all bully breeds were created the same way by crossing multiple bully breeds including Boxer, Mastiff and other various Bulldog breeds.  In essence creating the Bulloxer is  increasing the amount of the highly desired and loved Boxer traits into the well muscled well loved ABD and creating a dog with the best of both breeds. 

For centuries most breeds were developed by one or a few individual breeders in a limited region breeding for specific traits and their ancestry is made up of very tight and limited blood lines.  Now, in our modern society we are afforded the luxury of communicating with breeders all over the world and obtaining genetics from anywhere on Earth when establishing or improving breeds.  Years ago the genetics of a particular breed in any one region of the world was often developed off a single breeding pair of that breed.  The results of this was that certain characteristics became prevalent in certain breeds.     We all know that each breed has their positive desirable and negative undesirable traits.  For instance after hundreds of years of breeding purebred Boxers; breeders still face the same handful of health issues such as heart disease, thyroid problems and others associated with this breed.  By out crossing to other similar breeds you will increase your gene pool.  This may allow you to escape some of the negative undesirable genetic traits of a particular breed while enhancing and adding to the more desirable traits and maintaining the personality and appearances we desire. 

  Have you ever heard the statement "we always get a mutt, they are healthier than purebreds"?  This statement can be somewhat true in the fact that the crossing of bloodlines has widened the gene pool allowing for the elimination of some of the negative breed traits this is often referred to as the "Hybrid Vigor" which is believed to improve health and longevity.  However, if you breed two dogs which carry the same negative genetic characteristics you may increase the health risks whether they are two different breeds or not.  Breeders must take great care and be very selective as to which dogs they will breed whether pure breeding or cross breeding their dogs and determine which dogs will be bred and which will not.  In any good breeding program only the very best dogs that meet the breeders desired criteria are kept for breeding.  This is similarly done in nature with wild canines such as the wolf, fox, jackal, dingo, etc. which have by natural selection become very hardy breeds/species. They have developed over time with nature as their breeder and only the strongest, smartest and healthiest survive the harsh dangers of life in the wild to carry on their genetics.  As humans we do not need to let our less desirable less healthy animals die a harsh cruel death as they often would in nature but we MUST make sure to do our best to not continue to breed undesirable genetic traits into our future breeders.

Hybrid dogs are a controversial subject with many breeders and we understand their concerns.  We at Northeast Wisconsin Bully Breeders are ourselves concerned with some of the crosses that are being done and really do not see the benefit of some of those crosses.  Some would say we are creating mutts, we disagree and believe mutts are the result of indiscriminate breeding usually occurring with two dogs accidentally being enabled to breed with no real thought or intentions of the breeding outcome.  We carefully select which breeds and representatives of that breed we will cross and breed for specific qualities we like and wish to bring out from both breeds.  We believe there should be compatibility between the breeds and do not believe in the "let's see what we get if we cross" mentality.  We look at bone and muscle structure, susceptibility to health risks such as heart disease, neurological problems, skin and coat problems, whelping ease, personality, disposition and numerous other characteristics. 

We have been breeding bully hybrids since 1996, we were breeding bully hybrids before the current trend toward the "Designer Dogs" became a popular practice.  We sold our first hybrids quite cheap and many who bought them were criticized by others for paying good money for a mutt.  As our hybrids grew up, family and friends of those that purchased our hybrid pups saw what wonderful dogs they turned out to be and requests for further breeding increased.  Over the years we have been able to raise the prices on our hybrids to bring them into line with our purebred dog prices and our new customers now have no apprehension about paying a fair price for a well bred hybrid dog.  Part of this is due to our track record in breeding good healthy quality companion dogs and part is due to a change in thinking by pet owners about the importance or unimportance of "AKC papers".  We currently do not register most of the puppies we sell and we require spaying and neutering of most of our puppies.  We discourage most of our customers from breeding their dogs as we believe that the average dog purchaser/owner will not do the required research to be a responsible dog breeder and by breeding their dogs may even harm the future of the development of new breeds.  We do however work together with approved responsible dog breeders in supplying and acquiring good potential breeding prospects.   We keep careful and accurate records on each of our dogs and our breeding program and we have a pretty good idea of what results each breeding will produce before a breeding is done.