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This page was last updated on -  07/23/2013

Bulloxer Puppies

Jasmine is one of our Bulloxer Dams, we received Jasmine in a litter of 2011 puppies when we bred our Black Bulloxer Sire Loki to our Brindle and White American Bulldog Janey.  Jasmine is the highest amount of White we have ever had on one of our Bully Hybrid Pups.  We normally do not keep and breed high white pups but we knew exactly where her white genetics came from and they have proven to be sound and free of known defects.  We originally sold Jasmine as a pup but due to marriage issues the couple returned her to us before she was a year old.  We had her listed to be placed into a new home for a while but the longer she was here the better we liked what we saw in her.  She is a very sweet lovable girl and was well trained as a house dog when she returned to us.  We decided to keep her and breed her in our 2013 breeding program and so far she has proved to be an excellent Dam producing a very nice mix of Black and  Reverse Brindle puppies.   So far we are very glad we decided to keep her in our program as one of the few we were able to keep when we were forced to downsize by our own heath concerns.