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This page was last updated on -  10/05/2011
American Bandogges
Bandogge:  is a generic term used to describe
a group of various Mastiff Hybrids. 
American Bandogge:  is a term used to narrow this hybrid group to American Bulldog X Mastiff Hybrids although some also call the American Pit Bull Terrier X Mastiff an American Bandogge.  
We currently are not breeding any American Bandogges at this time.  We do have the dogs to do such a breeding but at this time we are in the research stage of doing so.  We are currently evaluating whether there is enough interest in such a breeding as to be able to place all the puppies into suited homes.  Mastiff type dogs can have some very large litters and we do not wish to breed any dogs we can not place.