Northeast Wisconsin Bully Breeders
A Division of Porterfield Exotics
This page last updated 07/24/2014
Available Older Dogs

We usually have some dogs a year old & older available to new homes.  Most of these dogs are either dogs we have held back to evaluate as potential future breeders or breeders we are retiring.  These dogs are not just litter leftovers but are usually the best of their litters that we held back.  It is often difficult to choose the very best of our litters at very young ages.  When we wish to keep a potential future breeder we usually hold back a few of our favorites to grow out some before making our final pick.  We then make our decision on which dogs we will retain to breed and offer the rest to new pet homes.  A few of these dogs may occasionally be sold as breeding dogs to other reputable breeders wishing to add different blood to their line.  Most of them are sold at a reduced pet price with a spay neuter agreement.  We also like to retire our breeding dogs at a rather young age.  We usually get a couple years of litters out of them, choose the best of their young to keep and retire the adult breeders to pet homes while they are still young enough to quickly adjust.   We find that some  people do not wish to deal with the puppy stage and would rather choose a retired mature adult breeder.  We find this to work well all the way around.  Our best dogs are kept for reproducing and passing on their bloodlines for a short period of their life but unlike in a "puppy mill" type operation they will not spend their entire productive life in a kennel producing litters.  All our dogs are always kept current on their health care needs so all vaccinations and such are always kept up to date.  We sell all of our dogs with an agreement to return the dog to us if the customer can no longer keep them.   We don't get many dogs back but occasionally will have a dog that was returned to us by the customer that we will offer to a new home.   Occasionally we will have older dogs that are already house trained but most of our dogs are primarily kept and raised in a kennel environment.  We have found that with the use of crate training our dogs learn house manners quickly and adjust to being wonderful household companions.

Leah is a under 3 year old Bulloxer female that we held back as a potential breeder but have since opted not to breed.  She is available to a pet home with a spay agreement.

Fee $100
w/$50 being donated to rescue/shelter