About Us

We are a small family owned and operated farm and dog breeding kennel business.  We are located in the Town of Porterfield, WI which is about an hours drive North of Green Bay, WI.  Our 104 acre farm is nearly 1/2 mile in  off the nearest paved road at the end of a dead end road.  Our property is a blend of tillable fields, forest and wetland nestled amongst the beautiful woodlands of Marinette County in Northeast Wisconsin.  Our family has been breeding various dog breeds at this location for over 40 years.  We have specialized in Bully Breeds and Bully Hybrids since 1996.  We are breeders of Boxers, American Bulldogs, Bulloxers, Catahoula Bullies, Porterfield Bulldogges & other Bully Hybrids.  Our puppies are born and maintained in a family friendly environment, carry a health guarantee & are well socialized with humans and other animals.  We welcome customer visits to our farm by appointment as well as air ship puppies nation wide to approved homes.

More About Us

Porterfield Exotics is a small family operated farm based business in Porterfield, WI.  Our family has been operating at this location since 1959 and has made several operational changes in that time period.  We do not run this business because we make a lot of money but because it represents to us a way of life that we love and treasure.  We believe this is an important part of our family heritage that we wish to preserve and pass down to our younger family members and their future descendants.  With the introduction of factory farming we could not possibly begin to compete with traditional crop and livestock production so we have developed a niche market that allows us to remain on the family farm and continue with our country family lifestyle.  We currently specialize in the production and customer direct sales of quality Pets and Heritage Livestock.  We are not a mass producer of animals and much care and consideration goes into each of our pet and livestock breedings.  We start with high quality healthy breeding stock, we keep and breed only our best animals and are always looking for new quality blood to introduce into our existing bloodlines.  We operate a closed operation, which means we do not co-mingle our breeding pets and livestock with those of others.  When a new potential breeder animal is brought to our farm it is vaccinated and quarantined from our other animals until we determine it to be safe and free of harmful parasites or disease.  We do not compete in shows and expos with our breeding animals.   We keep any animals that are taken off the farm to such shows, swaps, expos and such that are not sold separate from our breeding stock for a period of time after returning to the farm.  We also believe in doing most of our veterinary care here on the farm as has been our family's way for many years.  We do our own routine care such as vaccinations, parasite treatment, tail docking, and basic first aid ourselves on premises and have our vet come to the farm when needed for things we can not do ourselves.  If the animals must go to the vets office for treatment that can not be done here they do but we feel that it is best to avoid taking our animals to a place that many other sick animals have recently been.  Our Vets do their best to keep their premises clean and disinfected but we feel it better to avoid the possibilities of contacting disease whenever possible.  We would rather pay the farm call fee than risk bringing something contagious back to the farm with us upon returning home. 

  Some occasionally accuse us of profiting by the breeding of our animals and say that we should not be making a profit from our pet breeding.  To this I say that first off the word PROFIT is not a dirty word and without making a profit on our pet sales we would not have enough money to properly care for our animals.  We have invested a great deal out of pocket into our pet breeding program and continue to invest the profits from our pet sales into providing better care and facilities for our animals.  We have ambitions of one day having a breeding facility that is second to none but we are not a non-profit organization that is funded through donations, we are funded by our animal sales and our own out of pocket financial contributions.  We do not draw any personal wages from our animal breeding operations and often are supporting our operation out of our paychecks from our off premises income.  We receive our compensation in the form of love and respect from the animals, the appreciation we receive from our customers, and the satisfaction which comes from a job well done.  We breed animals because we like to not because we are making a lot of money doing so, we love what we do and desire to contribute to the preservation and improvement of the family farming and animal breeding lifestyle for future generations to come. 
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