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Bully Breed Tail Docking

Tail Docking:   Tail docking does still serve a purpose in our modern day.  In some countries and even some areas of the United States tail docking is frowned upon by some or even banned.  We believe that in some breeds such as some of the working/hunting breeds and breeds with slender tails it is best to dock their tails shortly after birth.  We have learned first hand that a Boxer with a full tail is not only likely to inflict pain to humans and other animals with it's whip like tail but also is prone to tail damage.  Our tailed Boxer Loki has experienced multiple injuries to his tail and it is difficult to get it to heal before he reinjures it again.  We do dock the tails on our Boxers and our pups with 50% or more boxer genetics.  Our American Bulldogs, Porterfield Bulldogges and some of our other Bully Hybrids have heavier tails, we do not see a need to dock them.
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