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Bully Breed Socialization

Proper socialization of your Bully breed dog is perhaps the most important element of your bully's training.  A well socialized dog will be a much safer dog to own and will be much more trustworthy and well adjusted.  At the very young age of even one day old your puppy will begin to take in and process the elements of it's environment.  Early interaction with humans and other dogs should start at birth.  Studies have shown that puppies that are handled by human handlers from day one are far smarter and well adjusted dogs than dogs that are not handled in those early days of life.  The first eight weeks of a puppies life are an extremely formative period in your dogs life.  Lessons and behaviors learned in these very early days will effect how your dog interacts with people and other dogs for the rest of it's life.  Some would worry about too much interaction with strangers having an effect on their dog of reducing it's protective instincts.  The opposite is in fact the truth, a well adjusted properly socialized dog will know the difference between friend or foe.  They will be a trusted family pet with trusted friends and family, will be cautious and protective with strangers but not aggressive and will by nature be able to sense danger or ill intent.  The protective nature will automatically kick in and your dog will be a brave protector in the face of danger.        
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