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This page last edited on 10/05/2011
House Training

When thinking about house training a dog we usually think about potty training/house breaking the dog.  Obviously this is a major part of house training but is only one part of it.  There are several aspects of house training beyond house breaking.  It is crucial that you know and establish what you expect and allow of your dog from day one.  If you want your dog to stay off the furniture when it is older do not sit on the couch with it on your lap as a puppy.  In training your puppy it is crucial that your puppy understands that it is a dog and you are the master.  All members of the household must be on the same page and must enforce the same rules.  Consistency is the key to training your puppy and will make the difference between a well trained well adjusted dog and a dog that will seem to take forever to learn basic household manners.  When starting with training a new puppy we confine the puppy to one main room such as the entryway or kitchen.  We reduce the number of things the puppy can get into but intentionally place or leave things that are not of high value in the room.  We crate the puppy whenever it is not being supervised and watch the puppy closely whenever it is out of the crate.  When the puppy gets into something or does something it shouldn't we correct it immediately take away the forbidden item and give it something that it is allowed to play with or chew on.  While training a puppy you can expect to lose some household items but can reduce the value and number of these items lost by being proactive.  When the puppy is doping well in that room we gradually open additional rooms to the puppy one by one.  This method has worked very well for us and does not require your puppy to have to learn all the limits at one time.