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Bully Breed Health

Each breed of dog comes with some risk of potential health issues and Bully Breeds are no exception to this rule.  Some breeds have more issues than others and some bloodlines also are more likely to carry health risks than others.  Even the very best of breeders will occasionally produce a less than perfectly healthy pup.  Responsible breeders do their best to breed for the good traits they desire while avoiding breeding dogs with any known negative health issues.  Some of the more common health issues encountered in some bully breeds are heart disease, breathing problems, skeletal problems, thyroid problems, cancers, skin problems and more.  There is no such thing as a perfectly healthy dog any more than there are perfectly healthy humans, but some are better bred for health than others.  Responsible breeders will retire a dog from their breeding program if the dog or it's offspring show symptoms of negative health issues.  However, some issues may not show up until the dog is older and has already been used for breeding.  Upon finding such a case a good responsible breeder will cease to breed the dog in question and if possible do any testing available of the dogs offspring that may still be in a breeding program.  Always research the health issues associated with each dog breed before you purchase a pup and don't be afraid to ask a breeder about their experiences with those issues.       
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