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Bully Breed Ear Cropping

Ear Cropping:  We do not do ear cropping on any of our dogs, we just do not see the benefit in it.  Ear cropping has been a common practice on some breeds for centuries.  Years ago the primary benefit of ear cropping would have been to reduce the opportunity for another dog or a prey animal getting a hold on the dogs ear and tearing off a chunk of flesh in a conflict.  Another benefit would have been to reduce the chances of frostbite damage to the dogs ears in cold climates.  In modern times the primary purpose of ear cropping is purely cosmetic and it is getting increasingly difficult to find veterinarians that will or can properly do the procedure.   There still are occasional benefits to ear cropping such as in some of the breeds used for catching hogs or bear and we do not take issue with breeders that crop ears for this purpose.  It is our opinion that it is just a matter of time and ear cropping will become very uncommon and be a practice of the past.
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