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This page last edited on 10/05/2011
Bully Breeds & Dew Claws

The dew claw is basically what would be the thumb on a dogs front paws.   This claw is located up the paw from the portion that the dog walks on, seldom touches the ground and serves no real purpose.  Many breeders and veterinarians will amputate these claws shortly after birth.  The primary purpose in doing this in most breeds is tradition and to eliminate one extra faster growing nail as it does not get the same wear as the other nails.  In hunting, herding and some other working breeds removal is recommended as a means of eliminating potential for future injury.  In dogs that work the woods and fields it is common for them to snag these extra claws on sticks or fences and this can cause injuries.  Until recently like most breeders we just automatically removed them and for years our customers expected them to be removed.  In recent years attitudes are changing and our customers are becoming more concerned about why certain procedures are or are not done.  Our puppies are primarily sold as household companions and it is unlikely that many of our pups will become injured crossing fallen trees and fences.  This procedure was never one of my favorite jobs so for the past couple years we have opted to stop removing the dew claws on most of our pups.  We have not seen any increase in toe or nail injuries in our dogs and have not heard back from any customers that they have had any problems caused by the non-removal of dew claws.       
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