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Bully Breeds & Human Aggression

Contrary to the propaganda that many "pitbull" haters and sensational news stories have told us; Bully Breeds are not aggressive toward humans by nature.  Some of the Bully Breeds have been bred to hunt catch and hold livestock and game.  Some are TRAINED to be aggressive toward human strangers but it is not in their nature to be HUMAN aggressive.  For many thousands of years man has kept bred and trained dogs to do many tasks but outright human aggression is not one of the traits that has ever been tolerated.  In fact most dogs that have shown aggression toward humans were put down immediately and not bred.  Many dogs of many breeds are however protective of their territory, masters and pack.  Most of the "aggressive" dogs are only aggressive due to poor training methods, neglect or outright abuse.  Most instances of dogs biting humans can be easily avoided with a bit of dog psychology training for the humans.  There are many good books that describe Human/Dog psychology, one of my favorite authors on this subject is Cesar Millan.            
Bullies & Human Aggression

Bullies & Dog Aggression

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