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Bully Breeds & Dog Aggression

With the exception of the game bred fighting type "pitbull" bloodlines most Bully Breeds are not overly aggressive toward other dogs by nature.  They are however usually very territorial and protective of their space, master and pack.  It is important if you want your bully breed dog to interact with other strange dogs to acclimate them to as many other dogs as possible from the time they are puppies.  Proper training and control of your bully dog is crucial.  If your bully dog does get into a fight they are generally extremely tenacious and do not give up quickly.  If you plan to introduce two or more strange older bully dogs it works best to do so in neutral territory with human supervision.  If you just toss a strange dog into your bully's kennel/room with your bully you will most likely have a dog fight and bully dog fights can get very serious.  If you are not experienced with breaking up dog fights and get between two fighting dogs you will very likely get bit.  The Bully Dog will usually release immediately upon realizing it has a hold of you and not the other dog but you will already have a nasty wound.  The best bet is to acclimate and train your Bully properly so you never have this problem.             
Bullies & Human Aggression

Bullies & Dog Aggression

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