Northeast Wisconsin Herpetological Foundation
A Division Of Porterfield Exotics
Last Updated On 12/05/2011

 One of the services we provide at NEWHerp is herp rescues, the term rescue has been misused and abused by so many in recent times that many do not even know what a rescue really is.  A rescue is only done when an animal is in immediate danger.  For instance if we get a call to go in where a reptile has not been properly fed, cleaned or  cared for to a point where it is in risk of becoming ill or dying, this is a rescue.  Buying a healthy animal from someone you think might not be as good at caring for it as you think they should be is not a rescue, it is a purchase.  If you bought an animal at a pet store, a breeder or an auction you did not rescue it, you purchased it.  If you saw someone was moving and looking for a new home for their pet so you took it in, this was not a rescue it is a re-home.  The term rescue is very much over used and only gives ammunition to animal rights activist groups that if they had their way would make the owning of any and all animals illegal.  Please use the proper terminology and do not attempt to make yourself a appear as a savior at the expense of the entire animal owners community.