Northeast Wisconsin Herpetological Foundation
A Division Of Porterfield Exotics
Last Updated On 12/03/2011

One of the services we provide here at NEWHerp is herp rehabilitation.  Over the years we have taken in and cared for many herps in need of special care and attention while recovering from injury, neglect or abuse.  We have rehabbed both wild and domestic herps ranging from turtles with cracked shells to pythons that had much of the flesh chewed off their backs by a rat that was left in the cage with them unattended.  We have taken in and cared for many sick or injured herps as well as given consultation to many other herp enthusiasts to provide advice and assistance in the treatment of many herp illnesses and injuries.  We will except sick and injured herps when we have the space available and will always share advice with those that seek it in caring for their less than healthy herps.  

Common Snapping Turtle
An abused  common snapping turtle we took in rehabbed and released to a private farm pond.