Northeast Wisconsin Herpetological Foundation
A Division Of Porterfield Exotics
Last Updated On 12/05/2011
Wild Herp Relocation

On a few occasions we have assisted in the relocation of wild herps.  These are usually cases were an unwelcomed wild herp takes up residency in someone's home, yard or outbuilding.  In most cases when someone contacts us about finding an unwelcome herp in or near their place we advise just putting the animal outside near where it was found and they usually won't see it again.  Occasionally their are instances where the herp returns and we will relocate it to another suitable area.  This is not something we advise most people to do themselves as most do not have the knowledge and experience to do it correctly.  Some herps will travel great distances and return to their same wintering/breeding grounds each year.  Some will be likely to bask on a paved road and releasing them anywhere near one is essentially giving them a death sentence.  Some can carry various fungus, bacteria, viruses, parasites and so on and introducing them into a different area could in fact put the entire areas ecosystem at risk.