Northeast Wisconsin Herpetological Foundation
A Division Of Porterfield Exotics
Last Updated On 12/05/2011

One of the services we provide at NEWHerp is the re-homing of herps.  Over the years we have taken in and re-homed hundreds of herps from keepers that did not wish to or could no longer keep them.  We have received them with countless reasons and stories from the death of their keepers to the kids just lost interest in them and I'm sick of cleaning and feeding them.  We will always assist a keeper with finding a new suitable home for their herp.  Often this is simply just by giving them advise as to where they can list their herp pet for re-homing.  We do take in some herps for re-homing when we can but in most cases if the herp is not in danger or a possible danger to someone else we will prefer to leave it in it's current home until we can help the owner place it.  This does two things one is it keeps our cage space available for the taking in of rescue, rehab, and potentially dangerous herps.  Just as important as this is the second thing it does, which is to help make people more responsible for their choice to purchase or take in an animal in the first place.  Unfortunately too many in our society view pets as disposable items that they can just dump off on someone else when they get tired of caring for them.  We try to educate people to put more consideration into taking on a pet and also to except the responsibility for their actions if they do decide not to keep the pet for it's entire lifetime.