An educational presentation at Appleton, WI
We  presented our herps in the Menominee, MI Waterfront Parade
Kids holding one of our big snakes at a Christmas party at our place

Northeast Wisconsin
Herpetological Foundation
A Division Of Porterfield Exotics

EDUCATION :  To provide herpetological education to our associates, educational facilities public and private, and to the public at large.

CONSERVATION : To educate individuals, groups, businesses, and such as to the importance of herpetological conservation.  To participate in studies and research projects regarding herpetological conservation.  To work with land owners public and private to establish and maintain properties in a manner in which to promote healthy natural populations of herpetological inhabitants.

SOCIAL INTERACTION :  To provide a platform for all persons interested in herpetological studies, propagation, preservation,  and such to come together and share information and ideas for the purpose of furthering advancements in the field of herpetology.  To provide fun social events for likeminded persons to get together and build both social and business friendships and relationships.

LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANCE : To monitor and review proposed and existing laws and ordinances and offer professional advice and legislative assistance to lawmakers to assure herpetologically friendly and safe legislation.

RESCUE SERVICES :  To offer herpetological rescue, rehab, rehoming, relocation and adoption services to government agencies, businesses,  and to the public at large for all herps both captive and wild.  To assure herps access to proper care and treatment, to take in and adopt out unwanted or ill treated herps.  To assist in removal and relocation of problem wild herps or herps located in an area where they are in eminent danger such as construction or other habitat decimation.   

Last Updated On 11/28/2011

Releasing a rehabed painted turtle we called prop that came to us with a broken shell
Releasing a young snapping turtle that was rescued as a tiny hatchling from some naughty boys mistreating it
Helping out at the DeYoung Family Zoo in Wallace, MI