Northeast Wisconsin Herpetological Foundation
A Division Of Porterfield Exotics
Last Updated On 12/03/2011
About NEWHerp

NEWHerp was founded in 1993 by life long herp enthusiast Brad Martin Jr of Porterfield Exotics.  Founded as an educational division of Porterfield Exotics NEWHerp began by doing educational herpetological presentations at school and scouting functions.  In 1997 we expanded our scope of functionality to form a public Herpetological Society.  We aggressively organized herp enthusiasts to participate not only in the continuation of our educational programs but to expand into herp rescue/rehab/adoptions.  At this point we also got very much into the promoting of herp friendly legislation.  In 1997 we were very active in the City of Marinette, WI in blocking a ban on herps as pets.  NEWHerp organized it's members and friends, local educators and others to speak before the City Council and we were very successful in keeping Marinette's city ordinances herp friendly.  We have also assisted many other cities nationwide in helping them organize and present good common sense legislation rather than bans based on ignorance and fear.  As is often the case with clubs/societies such as this after we were successful in blocking herp ban legislation we saw a short term boom in membership followed by a gradual dropping of members.  By the year 2000 the membership had dropped off to just a handful of avid herp enthusiasts.  Shortly thereafter the City of Menominee, MI decided that enforcement of a complete ban on snakes and other reptiles was a good idea.  Once again NEWHerp's membership surged as the publicity of our efforts was a major focus of local news.  We were quite successful in Menominee, MI with limiting the cities wide net banning approach to just a ban on venomous herps, large (over 8 feet) constrictors and crocodilians over 30 inches.  The city council also agreed that if existing over length herps were not causing any problems they would not be searching out over length pets but that only an accredited zoo or educational/research facility could possess venomous herps.  Over the next few years our educational presentations boomed as we were doing 2, 3 or more days of presentations every week, we were active in local parades and setting up herp friendly displays at local events.  We were doing many presentations and rescues throughout Northeast WI and Upper MI.  As usual gradually membership dropped off and a handful of die hard herpers remained and were doing all the work.  Then in recent years the economy has taken it's toll, some of our diehards lost there jobs and moved away others have experienced major life changes, some lost their homes, some couples split up and many had to give up their unique herps.  Brad who continued doing the majority of the presentations and rescues has had health issues that severely limit how much and when he can do them.  He also had to give up many of his personal collection of rare unique and unusual herps and other exotic critters due to his physical incapability of properly caring for them.  NEWHerp is currently functioning as a privately held division of Porterfield Exotics and still operating as an active pro herp voice that primarily uses the internet to educate and promote responsible private herp ownership.  We still operate as a rescue/rehab/adoption facility and occasionally can still do some educational herp presentations.  We also are always available online for consultation on herp related issues.  We maintain contact with a statewide and beyond network of herp and other exotic pet enthusiasts, specialists and rescuers.