Northeast Wisconsin
& Upper Michigan's
Bully Breed Association

Bully Breed
We do not currently run a Bully Breed Rescue Facility of our own; we do work with other local rescues and are networked with some of the major pet rescue organizations.  If you know of a Bully Breed that NEEDS rescuing do not hesitate to contact us and we will get involved in helping the dog.  A "RESCUE" is a situation where the animal is in immediate danger and in serious need of help.  Please be REASONABLE; do not waste our limited resources by sending us to rescue animals that do not need rescuing. 

Rescues and shelters are always in need of help and support. If you are an animal lover and have some spare time please volunteer some of it to help at your local rescue or shelter.  If you can donate $$$ for animal rescue and sheltering; ALWAYS donate it directly to a local rescue/shelter in your area.   Never donate to BIG COPORATE ORGANIZATIONS like HSUS, PETA, ASPCA that have huge bank accounts yet spend almost nothing to directly help shelter animals.  97% of pets seized by or signed over to HSUS & PETA will be killed!!  If you are hesitant to donate $$$ for fear it will be misused then you can donate items directly.  Most rescue/shelter operations have a list of items they need and are more than happy to have you purchase and donate those items.