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Pitbull Attack Facts
Much of this Information is on loan from our friends at Lakeshore Bully Breed Club in Sheboygan, WI.  With applying fact over fear Sheboygan, WI has successfully adopted a non-breed specific ordinance that treats all breeds equally and punishes the deed and not the breed.
There is a discriminating trend sweeping our nation and other parts of the world right now.  Towns, cities, counties, states and entire countries around the world are proposing and passing BSL.  Almost always these laws target Pit Bulls and many add other breeds as well.  
There are many reasons that Pit Bulls are targeted.  We believe the primary reasons are as follows:
- The media is eager to report any story of a Pit Bull attacking a person or pet.  Many times these reports are inaccurate, as the breed of the dog is rarely confirmed.  Even when the media is notified that the breed was not accurately reported, corrections and retractions are rarely printed.
- The media does not tend to report stories of other dog breeds attacking people and pets.  People are bitten by dogs every day, sometimes severely.  But if the offending dog is not a Pit Bull, don't expect to read about it in the paper or hear about it on the evening news.  No one wants to hear about the kid who was rushed to the emergency room after he was bitten by a Labrador or Golden Retriever, though each of those breeds is responsible for more bites each year that Pit Bulls.
- The media does not tend to report stories where Pit Bulls are the heroes - remember, Pit Bulls are Police Dogs, Soldiers and Therapy Dogs.  Pit Bulls rescue people and save lives on a regular basis. On the rare occasion that these stories are reported, they aren't reported with the same gusto, nor are they given the front-page spotlight that is reserved only for negative reporting on these dogs.
- Pit Bulls are strong dogs.  When they bite they can cause significant harm to the victim.  This fact instills fear into people, and it overrides people's ability to accept that it is a fact that Pit Bulls are, by nature, exceedingly human friendly.
- The combination of these facts paints a picture of Pit Bulls that does not fairly or truthfully represent these amazing dogs.  If all that you know about Pit Bulls is what you hear in the news, it would make sense that you would want to protect society from these dogs by proposing laws to restrict or ban their ownership.  But the media never gives the full story.  If they reported every bite by every breed, we'd have outlawed the beloved Labrador and Golden Retriever breeds long ago.
-There is another key problem with all of this misrepresentation in the media.  Bad publicity has created an atmosphere of fear around Pit Bulls.  This tends to make Pit Bulls attractive to the wrong kinds of owners.  All of this bad publicity has wrongfully painted Pit Bulls as the next "killer" dog breed.  This has made Pit Bulls a popular choice amongst people with ill intentions. Convicted felons who cannot own or possess guns will get a Pit Bull because they know that many people fear a Pit Bull about as much as they fear a gun.  Thus, criminals with records of violent behavior are flocking to these dogs.  Unfortunately, the dogs become their next victim.  The dogs are beaten and abused to make them fearful of and aggressive toward people.
-This is not a natural trait of Pit Bulls but because of the breeds will to please their master they can and will learn what they are taught.  Sometimes they are taught made to attack and fight each other.  Pit Bulls raised in this depraved environment are more likely to bite people and pets, which gives the media another story to report and the cycle begins again.
-The Pit Bulls are not the problem, the irresponsible ownership is.  Breed Specific Legislation is usually passed as a knee-jerk reaction to a single report of a Pit Bull attacking a person or pet.  These laws are always passed based on emotion, not fact.  The fact is that BSL does not work. 
-Communities that have enacted BSL are not able to report a decrease in the number or severe dog bites.  This is because dog bites are a result of irresponsible ownership.  Nearly every time a dog of any breed bites someone you will find that basic responsible ownership guidelines were not followed.  BSL does nothing to protect people from dog bites.  Instead it detracts from the real problem of: IRRESPONSIBLE OWNERSHIP.
-BSL has contributed greatly to the high euthanasia rate of Bully Breeds.  It has been responsible for breaking up families.  In places where breed bans exist authorities can enter a home, remove a dog and euthanize it, even if the dog has NEVER shown aggressive behavior.  Meanwhile, dogs of other breeds continue to bite people without consequence.  BSL is usually proposed under the pretense of protecting the community.  In fact, it only protects the irresponsible owners of breeds that are not named in the legislation.
- Bully Breed Clubs believe in a "Judge the Deed, Not the Breed" philosophy.  We think that every owner of every dog, regardless of breed, should be accountable and responsible for their dog's behavior.  Owning a dog is a great responsibility, not only regarding the care of the dog, but also regarding the dog's behavior toward other people.  
- Rehabilitating the reputation of Pit Bulls will continue to be an uphill battle.  Responsible ownership is just the beginning.    Bully Breed Clubs will remain active in helping other communities to fight BSL around this nation.  We believe that every time BSL is passed anywhere, it negatively impacts the reputation of Pit Bulls, it challenges our American freedom and the rights of responsible owners everywhere.  
- Bully Breed Clubs are dedicated to fighting BSL and we would like your help. Remember: THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS!  "United We Stand & Divided We Fall"  The more people who get involved, the more local lawmakers will pay attention.  These are some of the tasks at hand:
- Bully Breed Clubs need to monitor media reporting of dog bites in our communities and surrounding areas.  We need to scrutinize reports of "Pit Bull" attacks.  We must write letters and make phone calls to each media outlet that reports these stories and demand proof of breed accuracy.  Additionally, we must ask for fair representation.  If a Pit Bull attack is reported, why not the bite by a Chihuahua, a Puggle, or a Labrador Retriever?  By leveling the playing field, we hope to change people's minds about Bully Breeds. 
- Bully Breed Clubs must reach out to people in other communities who are facing BSL.  We must encourage our city  and others in passing dangerous dog ordinances that do not discriminate based on breed.  Sheboygan , WI has a good example of effective and enforceable legislation that calls for all dog owners to be responsible.  They will offer this legislation as an alternative example to lawmakers elsewhere.  They will also write letters and make phone calls to lawmakers in other communities considering BSL and ask them to respect the freedom of their citizens and protect those citizens from ALL irresponsible dog owners of any breed.