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In spite of the tremendous popularity of Bully Breed dogs they are perhaps the most misunderstood dog group i
n America today.   They are all too often discriminated against by people and communities that are misinformed about them.  Bully breeds or Bulldogs are not a single breed of dog but are a group of both Purebred Dogs and Hybrid Dogs.  This group includes dogs ranging from the 8 lb. lap dogs such as the French Bulldog, Pug & Boston Terrier to the 200+ lb. Mastiffs which are the largest members of the dog world.  There currently are dozens of Pure Bully breeds that are considered to be members of the Bulldog/Bully Dog Group as well as hundreds of possible hybrid/crossbreed possibilities.  In order to fully understand this breed we recommend reading our Bulldog History Page and learn just what this breed group is all about.   The modern Bully Breeds are a wide group of dogs that have been developed off the original Olde English Bulldogges of yester year. 


Companion Lap Bully Breeds

Some breeds such as the Pug, Boston Terrier , French Bulldog and Modern English Bulldog have been bred down in size and disposition to be small house pets. 

Catahoula Bully Porterfield Bulldogge

Working Bully Breeds

Breeds such as the Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog, Olde English Bulldogge, Catahoula Bulldog and many more have been bred to be working dogs.  These working dogs are used by farmers and hunters to help in protection and management of livestock as well as the locating and catching of nuisance animals such as wild predators and feral hogs.  Pulling dogs are rapidly becoming popular as Bully dog owners continue to search out ways to use their pets for more than just a home companion.  Some compete in dog pull competitions while others train their dogs to pull carts, wagons and sleds for both fun and work.
Some People Think of This When They Hear the Word Pitbull

Fighting Bully Breeds

Then we have the Bully Dog lines that were developed and bred for the now illegal in the United States blood sport of dog fighting.  These very limited lines of Bully Breed dogs are commonly referred to as "Pitbulls".  Since the banning of dog fighting in the United States in the mid 1970's the fighting lines of Bully Dogs have been dwindling through most of the country and the remaining dogs from these lines are being bred away from the dog aggressiveness and being re-purposed for various other duties.  Just a few of these duties include the hunting of feral hogs, home, personal and business protection and even police work.  Dog fighting although diminished has not yet been completely quashed in the United States.  Dog fighting was traditionally a Southern rural white activity and has gradually been diminished as more of the states have increased the punishment for dog fighting.  Unfortunately, in recent years there has been a revival of dog fighting as an inner city ethnic criminal activity.  Although still a prevalent problem in some urban areas the attitudes toward dog fighting has changed.  Through education more people are turning in and fighting against the dog fighting rings.  Many of those that are most active in the fight against dog fighting are the pet owners and breeders of Bully Breeds.  We encourage anyone aware of dog fighting to report it to the authorities at once.
Most Of America's Pitbulls Look More Like This

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