Boxer Hybrid Puppy Northeast Wisconsin
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Bully Breed

Boxer Hybrid
We know that everyone is strapped for cash these days as are we.  Unfortunately, it takes money to accomplish most anything that is worth while.  We believe that preserving, improving and protecting the rights of Bully Breeds and their keepers is a worth while cause.  Membership fees are one basic way of contributing $$ to our cause.  We also except any donations beyond your membership fees.  These donations can be in the form of cash or any items of value.  Do not forget that your most important and valuable donation is that of your time and effort.      
Just so you know some of the things your donations will go toward are: The 1st fees & donations received will be used in the order below.
1: The costs involved in starting and incorporating this organization.

2: Postage and office expenses involved with running this organization.

3: Costs involved in the creating, maintaining, hosting and so on of this website.

4: Costs of educational and promotional materials needed to further our cause.

5: Legal costs to fight BSL in our cities, counties, states, and nation.
We are hopeful that this organization will be successful in drawing many members and their support to our cause.  If finances allow some of our future goals if successful are as listed below.
1: To plan and host Bully Breed friendly family oriented events.

2: To aid No-Kill Bully Breed Shelters and participate in the rescue, adoption and support of Bully Breed dogs.

3: To do presentations in public forums such as Schools, Libraries, Parks and such to present our breeds in a positive light and educate the general public on general dog bite prevention.

4: To participate in fund raisers and events to establish a local Bully Friendly dog park where all dog owners can work and socialize their dogs.  
For now anyone wishing to donate to our cause can mail funds to:

NEWUM Bully Club
N7029 Maple Ln #A
Porterfield, WI 54159
Or for pickup or drop off arrangements for items of value call Brad Jr,

Once we have enough paid members to form a 501c we will add more online friendly payment and donation methods.