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Contacting Your Law Makers
Below are some tips for helping to fight BSL in your local.
Here are some tips to follow when writing or calling your local lawmakers:
- Don't be rude.  There is a saying: "People may not remember what you said, but they'll always remember how you said it and how it made them feel".  As soon as you are rude or disrespectful they will close their mind and their ears to your message.  
- Always Open by stating that you are contacting them to let them know that you OPPOSE the proposed Breed Specific Legislation.  Many legislators do not read entire letters and often they have assistants who handle the mail or the calls.  Sometimes they will simply tally the "for" and "against" numbers without reading the whole letter.  Make your position known at the beginning of the letter or conversation.
- Do not tell them about your awesome Pit Bull and how it would never hurt anyone.  By the time lawmakers are proposing BSL, they don't want to hear about your amazing dog.  If they've already decided that the breed is dangerous your emotional appeal will not sway them.
- Acknowledge and thank them for their service.  Lawmaking tends to be a thankless job and lawmakers, like every one of us, appreciate it when their hard work and efforts are recognized.  By approaching them with gratitude, you're more likely to get their attention.
- Now that they are paying attention, thank them for their concern for your safety.  Sure, the BSL they are proposing may be proposed in ignorance and may be unfair, but ultimately it is being considered because local lawmakers believe there is a real need to protect people - including YOU.  Tell them you appreciate their concern for public safety but that you believe public safety will be better served by addressing the problem people and their dogs rather than targeting an entire breed group for the sins of a few bad examples.