Northeast Wisconsin & Upper Michigan's
Bully Breed Association


We are Northeast Wisconsin & Upper Michigan's
premier advocate for Bully Breed Dogs.  We are a group of Bully Dog owners, breeders, trainers and such; an experienced and knowledgeable source of Bully Breed canine companionship information.  We are dedicated to the preservation & improvement for the future of Bully Breed Dogs.  We advocate for proper breeding, keeping, care, acclimation and training of Bully Breed Dogs.  We are also advocates for providing truthful, honest and fair educational information about, America's Bully Breed Dogs, their keepers & their place in our society to the general public & the communities in which they live.  If you are a Bully Breed keeper or enthusiast we want you to join our organization and help us make the world a better place for this all to often misunderstood breed group.  If you are not a Bully Breed enthusiast we invite you to follow the links and read through the information on our website.  We hope to help you learn the truth about & better understand this magnificent group of canine companions.